Rixeyville, VA


The Warrenton market begins on April 18th. To see available products and place an order, visit our online store. We will update the store with our vegetable inventory every Thursday by mid-day. Orders must be placed by mid-day on Friday.

Some seedlings are available now, but the bulk of our seedlings will be ready for sale closer to the end of April. We'll be updating inventory each week as more becomes available.

We will be returning to the Westover market on May 3rd. Please note that seedlings are not available for delivery to the Westover market. If you're a Westover customer but would like to order seedlings, get in touch to arrange farm-pickup.

If you'd like to receive our email newsletter, get in touch via our contact page or email us at days@starsteadfarm.com. Each month we'll send out farm news and an update about what will be available at markets. Thank you!